For online travel agencies – grow revenues

Are you running an online travel agency? Are you sure that your current suppliers are most adequate for you? Do you offer complete set of services to your customers?

“DNA Travel Technologies” offers you an easy way to diversify you product portfolio, by easily adding various travel products and services in addition to currently existing on you website.

By extending your product range, you’ll be able to boost sales by generating income from additional services, previously not available to your visitors.

Whether you’re working on commissions or net prices, we have alternatives to offer for you. Why keep on working with same suppliers, when you can get better prices? Why keep on using non integral web-services, when you can easily create travel packages and dynamic packages?

On the net, price difference is more substantial than in the “real life”, and you can lose a customer over a 2$ difference with your competitor. A client that has encountered an error on your website is unlikely to return in the future. If a service that the client was looking wasn’t available on your website, he’s likely to go somewhere else to look for it.

Our experienced marketing team will gladly help you to improve you website functionality and enrich it with all necessary services and products. Please feel free to contact our sales department for more information.