Carsolize is hotel booking engine that provides access to over a dozen of international hotel wholesalers, and supports price/resources comparison between them.

For tour operators or travel agents, Carsolize hotel booking engine allows ease of access to better resources and better rates.

All commercial terms are based on your direct contracts with selected suppliers, you will get same commercial terms you get today via booking portals.

Unique centralized interface of simultaneous connections to a number of leading hotel wholesaler throughout the world provides several solutions simultaneously:

Using Carsolize Hotel booking engine, have access to all available resources simultaneously, there’s no need to go over 10 booking portals to find best available price for the hotel – view all at once, either gross or net rates.

• “Gulliver’s Travel Associates (GTA)”
• “Boscolo Tours”
• “Mark Internetional”
• “Kuoni Destination Managment”
• “Travco”
• “Hotel Beds”
• “Tourico Holidays”
• “Miki Travel”
• “Liberty”
• “Transhotel”
• “Hotusa”
• “Jacob”

В2С solutions

• Visitors of your web site will have access to more than 80000 hotels worldwide.
• All reflected resources are “available”, meaning they can be booked and confirmed immediately.
• Support for “on request” bookings
• You have total control over your income: all fares are “NET” prices, and you may decide to mark up additional 10%, 15% or 30%. Of course, your clients will only see modified prices.

В2В solutions

• Access to all mentioned resources is available via your B2B area, portal or website.
• Your agent have controlled access to the system, in order to book hotels using the rates which you set; their “Net” fare shown in the system is your “Gross”.
• Booking management system that keeps track of reservations made by other branches or agencies.
• Support of “net” prices and work based on commissions.

Hotel booking engine

Among the various travel products, one that presents quite high profit margins, on one hand and relatively easy access to multiple resources on the other, is hotels. Ranging from approx. 10% if you’re working on Gross rates (no need for financial deposits) and up to a potential 25% on NET rates (financial deposits are required), hotel booking engine is the tool with which you can achieve these profit margins. To be market competitive one must have access to multiple resources, but this is not enough. Having access to various hotel wholesalers is great, but how do you manage this vast amount of content effectively? Your default choice is to use the hotel booking engine available from each hotel wholesaler.

This presents multiple limitations, as each system is designed differently, requiring a longer learning curve, as well as a time consuming process when comparing between the results and jumping from one hotel booking engine to the other. In order to avoid such challenging workflow, Carsolize hotel booking engine allows you and your agents a system which gives you access to multiple hotel wholesalers, based upon your commercial agreements with them. Additional challenge rising from working with multiple hotel wholesalers in a single hub is the duplication of content. As the number of hotels worldwide is limited, many of suppliers’ databases have overlapping content. Keeping in mind that each hotel wholesaler may name a specific hotel slightly differently, the content the search results then become saturated with repetitions and duplications. Carsolize hotel booking engine eliminates this utilizing advanced de-duping and standardization capabilities. Furthermore, Carsolize hotel booking engine maps out and standardizes not only the hotel themselves, but the room types, classes and boards. Now, you and your agents have a B2B environment, entirely web based, with all of the content presented in a uniform way.

Let’s consider another part of your operation – distribution channels. Having a B2B system will give your agents a hotel booking engine to work with, but Carsolize doesn’t limit you. The system offers various distribution capabilities, such as a B2C widget for your agents to utilize on their own website. That way, Carsolize offers you to have a network of hotel booking engines deployed across the entire network of your agents, sub-agents and affiliates. Carsolize hotel booking supports your operational needs with its robust infrastructure and high scalability allowing for utmost flexibility in running and expanding your business. Being hosted on Azure Cloud Services, Carsolize extends the benefits and advantages of cloud hosting being able to elastically support virtually any serer loads. There no need to reinvent the wheel. Capitalize on existing technologies of Carsolize hotel booking engine and focus on growing your operation.