“Odyssea” - back office system for travel operators and tour organizers and charter consolidators

“Odyssea” can be the heart of any travel organization, by tracking all business process inside your company automatically, providing tool for travel inventory management and having full compliancy with various financial systems.

“Odyssea” system was developed in order to provide tour operators with advanced complex solution. Our system is based on MsSQL server database, allowing simultaneous use for large number of users. This product can be easily adopted by major and mid-sized organizations, due to short integrations time span and ease of system use.

“Odyssea” back office system includes following modules:

Tickets and flights management;
Charters management;
Hotel blocks/commitments/allotments management;
Reservations management system and full range of reservations reports;
Financial management system and accounting;
Web-based access system for customers and agents, providing access to all mentioned resources;

Our system is designed to operation both within an travel agency and with agency’s agent network. Complete integration with your retail site is available and web-based В2В access will help your organization gain total control over overall sales, regardless of geographic location of your company and spread of your agent network.